Budapest V.
On site – 2020
SIP Zrt. - Budapest
In the end of the 19th century a concept of the 'nation's square' was created. A main square today called Kossuth Lajos square and its sorrounding was finely and finally designed to create an uplifting and grandiose ground representing the Hungarian nations one-time power. The southernmost enclosure of the square was designed as a 'simmetric' office and residential building; originally a mirrored facade, one under Kossuth square 9-10, and its 'twin' on the adjacent site under Kossuth square 6-8.
Due to WWI and later financial crisis only the first phase was realized during this time under Kossuth square 9-10 and its mirrored match was only to be realized as of the original plans in the last and finished up utterly in the coming years. As part of the reconstruction and restoration of the square and its buildings also the originally erected  Kossuth square 9-10 multipurpose building is to be revived with the architectural and technical support of our studio.