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Canopy trail

A canopy educational trail, which can accommodate 150 visitors and focuses on nature conservation education, is located in Normaf, the currently closed area of the former Sport Hotel. The educational trail starting at ground level will emerge among the foliage of the trees, from where you can enjoy a stunning view of the capital.

The educational trail can be divided into five separate sections, each of which ends at an experience point. The educational trail does not include a lookout tower in the classical sense.

Normafa and the surrounding forests are not only popular hiking spots, but also special natural treasures. There are also 400-year-old oaks and linden trees and 200-300-year-old beech trees in the area. One of the largest, exceptionally complex stands of old trees in Hungary can be found here.

Based on the proposal of Hello Wood's design team, the former canopy walkway will become an educational trail promoting the protection of Normafa's natural values, drawing attention to native tree species endangered by climate change. Visitors to the educational trail can experience first-hand the importance of an environmentally conscious lifestyle and attitude. Young people visiting there can take part in guided tours and gain new knowledge through playful nature observation in specially designed bird-watching photo booths.