Magic Wall

Interior design
Completed – 2019
Szépművészeti Múzeum

The installation designed for the Museum of Fine Arts is intended to bring the younger generation closer to the museum. After purchasing the ticket, and upon entering the Marble Hall, you'll find yourself in front of this huge display with access to the museum's entire database. You’ll have access to photos, descriptions of exhibited objects and their exact position in the museum, comment and share on various social media.

The 14-meter-long, 21-screen display designed for the Museum of Fine Arts is the world's largest Magic Wall structure. The large interactive wall has received a discreet appearance on request and this mentality can be traced to the placement, formatting and material use as well. The structure is located on the edge of the room, pushed against the wall. This position is useful for several reasons; electric power supply does not cause complications; it can be a stable structure in itself and easy access for visitors. Since it does not divide the room into two parts, it does not dominate the room so it can be used to host various events. Its dimensions were determined by considering the features of the room. Its width is the same as the width of the gallery above it and its height is the result of the convenient use of the displays and the optimization of the structure. As the possible interchangeability of the displays is also a relevant factor, the optimal width of the rear service passage is one of the most important aspects of the depth of the structure. Due to the protected environment, the biggest challenge was fixing against the overturning of the structure. The structure is fixed to the concrete underneath the floor without breaking or damaging the coverings and floor. The cover of the installation is dark grey matte glass, also chosen to avoid looking pretentious. Thanks to its full-surface gluing, it is a long-lasting, durable material and is not dangerous in case of breaking.