Interior design
Budapest V.
On site – 2019
1 250 m2
SIP Zrt. - Budapest
The Hungarian Parliament Building  located in the heart of Budapest with a picturesque view from the Danube riverbank is one of the most notable and as thus one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Hungarian capital. The Parliament Building is sorrounded by various governmental and office buildings  at the historical Kossuth Lajos square, such as the Office of the National Assembly, Ministries and the Supreme Court.
Our assignment was to deliver architectural and interior design, construction drawings of the above office building and also to design a reconstruction and interior of some parts of the south-east section of the Parliament Building itself.
The design program affected the basement areas, thus the interior design of a newly built prestigious conference hall connecting the southern - former House of Commons - chamber, a tunnel connecting the Parliament to the office building on Kossuth Square, reception areas in both buildings and other related service areas.