Budapest X.
Full planning achieved
22 870 m2
KÉSZ Zrt. - Budapest
Z8 apartment house is located in one of Budapest downtown's southern outskirts on Pest side close to the 'highway' leading to the airport. The area is densely built in with 6 storey high dwelling blocks from Hungary's early Socialist era and 10 storey dwelling blocks from the late 70's and 80's.
The new residential building designed by ZED Studio comprehends 257 mainly middle size flats of 2 rooms. Bigger apartments with 3-4 rooms have been designed at the top floor levels and corner positions on general floors with cosy and spacious terraces and balconies. The nicely created fassades and general design of the layouts with terraces wrapping the new block around provides a roomy outdoor patio for each flat. Due to the deliberate site layout flats facing North could have been kept to its minimum bringing as much sunlight to the flats as possible.
ZED studio delivered the architectural design and provided final renderings.