On site
360 m2
Közti Zrt. - Budapest
Tima Zoltán, KÖZTI

Service building - reconstruction and expansion of an existing villa building with a new part of a building


In the second half of 2019, our architectural office received an invitation to design the buildings of the "Katti Zoob Fashion Collection and Creative House" project, which will be created on two independent plots and buildings in the central part of Balatonfüred (Petőfi Sándor utca 32 and Zsigmond utca 2).

Zsigmond utca 2. is a corner lot at the junction of Sándor Petőfi and Zsigmond utca, on which there is currently a villa building built in the 1940s. The building is currently out of use.
This is a villa building with a unique atmosphere of the villa architecture of the last century, which is under local protection. The building has a partial basement, two tracts, above the ground floor there is an attic under the simple gable roof.
Apart from the original residential function, the building complex accommodated other functions as well. The accompanying reconstructions primarily affected the interior spaces and the facade section with the porch. The contemporary plans of the building were probably lost during the war, so we could not find original plans of the building.

The current state of the building:
The two-story, 270-square-meter, dilapidated, protected building can become a suitable location for the professional storage of the collection and the provision of other service rooms necessary for the operation of the attraction with renovation, expansion, targeted modernization and equipment. Masonry structure, with original or similar doors and windows. Intermediate slabs are wooden slabs. Vertical traffic takes place on reinforced concrete stairs. Its roof structure is covered with wood and tile. It is plastered on the outside, covered with decorative paint, and has neat wall surfaces. The building has a local protection classification.
A part of the building will be demolished, in order to accommodate the change of function - through expansion.

Planned social, public functions:
• Special warehouse, vault for non-exhibited objects of the collection
• Office, coordination center
• Apartment, service apartment for guest lecturers (max. 4 units)

Spatial functions of the building:
• Due to the continuous growth of the collection, as well as for the professional storage of the objects, it is advisable to expand the building by adding an art storage.
• Ground floor: Office, coordination center, meeting room
• Floor: Apartment for guest lecturers and lecturers
• Extension: artifact warehouse