Duna Terasz

Bim, Detailed design
Budapest XIII.
Ongoing project – 2020
23 400 m2
Vadász és Társai Építőművész Kft.
Duna Terasz is located at one of Budapest's biggest residential development area at the northern Danube riverbank on Pest side of the capital called Marina Bay.
ZED Studio took its part right from the concept phase, throughout building permit procedure, till delivering final construction and detail drawings. The Studio delivered drawings for 2 out of 7 blocks of buildings in cooperation with the sides developer and generate designer Vadász Studio. The 2 "L" shaped block has approx. 200 flats of a wide mixture of sizes and various level of demands. The fine tuned site layout creates spacious green parks in between the buildings and provides also privacy for the residents with reasonable distance in between facing facades. The general floor level's rather rational facades are disengaged by the top floors organic shapes.